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Pre-nups and post-nups

In this week's blog by Melinda Smith, Managing Partner and Family Lawyer at Fraser Dawbarns Solicitors , we are highlighting the confusing world of pre-nups and post-nups. The main points are: They are not formally recognised in English matrimonial law but are increasingly common and taken very seriously by the courts when correctly drawn up and guidelines adhered to They can seek to ringfence assets brought into marriage by either party A way of protecting inheritances/family businesses, providing safeguards for children from previous relationships Provides certainty to couples in an effort to minimise cost and stress in the difficult time of a relationship breakdown Can be done after marriage as a post nuptial agreement if financial circumstances change and the parties want to protect windfalls or inheritances. So, you’ve organised your big day, the guest list is finalised and your honeymoon has been booked. Everything is set for you both to start your journey into m